05/24/2012 08:24 am ET | Updated Jun 29, 2012

Stephen Colbert Out Of Character: The Best Interviews (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert and Stephen Colbert are actually very, very different. The Stephen Colbert who hosts "The Colbert Report" is staunchly conservative, dogmatic in his views and generally very ill-informed. The "real" Stephen Colbert is pretty much the exact opposite of that (and just plain charming, if we do say so ourselves). And when the "Report" Colbert starts Super PACs, runs for President, addresses Congress and otherwise interacts with the real world, seeing the "real" Colbert becomes somewhat of a treat.

We love both Colberts, but because the "real" Stephen doesn't get as much publicity as his alter ego, we collected 11 of our favorite interviews where he goes out of character to be his regular, perfectly pleasant self. Watch and vote for your favorites.

Stephen Colbert Out Of Character