Let's talk about sex, shall we?

Durex, the popular condom brand, recently decided to probe Americans' thoughts on sex and intimacy, conducting a national sex survey.

It polled 1,000 adults, married and single, asking intimate questions about how satisfied they were with their sexual experiences.

The results are, well, a bit of a downer. A full 50 percent of people aren't pleased with the duration of their intercourse. Some people crave longer sex. Some, on the other hand, want more quickies.

In some ways, the survey confirmed what we already know: When it comes to sex, different things work for different people. The best way to improve satisfaction is to talk to your partner about what you want. Not exactly news, just as it wasn't terribly earth-shattering when another recent survey confirmed that women enjoy sex just as much as men do.

However, the Durex study did offer some interesting insight on gender differences when it comes to fantasy.

Read on for five fun facts about Americans' sex lives from the survey:

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  • Faster. No, Slower.

    Shocker. A full <em>half</em> of Americans are dissatisfied with the length of time they are getting it on in the sack. For some, it's because intercourse is too short -- about 38 percent of respondents said that their lovemaking finishes too quickly. Twenty percent of adults said they like to have sex for at least a half hour. But some are down with the quickie: A substantial 25 percent of people reported their ideal length of intercourse is 10 minutes or less. How long do you prefer sex to last, not including foreplay?

  • All Together Now

    Oh, the elusive simultaneous orgasm. It's romanticized as the ultimate expression of being in tune with your partner -- but doesn't happen that frequently, according to the Durex survey. Almost half of adults said they believed it was more likely they'd catch a glimpse of Big Foot than experience an orgasm at the same time as their partner. Over a third of respondents said they hardly ever, or never, came at the same time.

  • Wander-lust

    A whopping 75 percent of respondents said they've had sex in a "adventurous locale." Their favorite places to get down? The tried-and-true car hookup, getting naked by a pool, and covered in sand on a secluded beach. But there's no need to get out of the house to spice up your sex life. Respondents reported wanting to get frisky at home but <em>outside</em> of the bedroom, by taking advantage of the shower (31 percent), the couch (23 percent) and the porch (22 percent).

  • In Our Wildest Dreams

    Women were asked to name the famous place where they'd most want to have sex. The winner? The Eiffel Tower. (On the relatively small observation deck at the top? In the dining room at <a href="http://www.lejulesverne-paris.com/" target="_hplink">Le Jules Verne</a>? On the ground below? Unclear.) A close second? Buckingham Palace. Would Liz approve?

  • Happy Birthday, Mr. President

    Further confirming the idea that power is sexy, men said their number one preferred place to have sex is the White House. Men would also settle for the Eiffel Tower as a backup.