Take it from us: crafting a succinct headline to summarize a news story isn't easy. Drawing readers' attention to a story, whether interesting or banal, can be an incredibly challenging exercise. But every once in a while we come across a headline that is so utterly unnecessary, it's as if it were written by Captain Obvious himself.

Take "Pregnant Girls Are Vulnerable To Weight Gain," "Most Earthquake Damage Is Caused By Shaking" and the rest of the laughable headlines below for example. When it comes to blurring the line between "Newsworthy" and "No duh," these headlines all do their part.

With that in mind, we collected 25 of the most painfully obvious headlines from newspapers and around the web. Take a look and vote accordingly!

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  • Thanks For The Reminder

    Great health tip.

  • Are You Sure?

    Some big news for couples trying to conceive.

  • Pregnant Weight Gain

    Since when?

  • Maybe They're Busy...

    ...Busy being dead.

  • Best Insurance

    Best way to beat unemployment by far.

  • IRS Leak

    We thought people just like them so much, they never want to hand them in.

  • New Study On Women's Diseases

    Females are slightly more susceptible to them.

  • Those Damn Babies!

    When it comes to overpopulation: Blame the babies.

  • Groundbreaking Dietary Study

    So eating more fat could lead to gaining weight, you say?

  • Best Bargains

    A new revelation in microeconomics.

  • It's Not Rocket Science, Ladies

    If your fingers can't actually touch the "touch screen" you're going to have problems.

  • Amazing!

    And all this time we thought spray-cheese was the fountain of life.

  • Earthquake Damage

    As opposed to all the other things that earthquakes cause.

  • Foot Pain

    So does stabbing your foot with a fork.

  • Guns In A Gun Store?

    Maybe they mistook "gun" for "gum" and thought they sold candy.

  • We Agree Wholeheartedly

    Health Officials are SMART.

  • You Don't Say

    We were slapping our heads even BEFORE we saw the sub-headline saying there were 12 others.

  • Ice Fishing

    After testing this theory personally, we can firmly attest to this.

  • Interesting Findings

    You'd think it would drop off after age 19.

  • Who Gave You That Idea?

    Somewhere, someone needs to fire their doctor.

  • Only A Close Look Could Tell You That

    Required a very detailed analysis.

  • Acing Spanish Tests

    We also hear that French students are acing their French tests.

  • That's A Stretch

    But he always has such a sunny disposition!

  • Now Why Would They Do That?

    That's not the only illegal thing they're doing. Or so we hear.

  • Rally Against Apathy

    Pretty unsurprising, but thanks for the confirmation.

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