Quirky Weekend Getaways To Escape Miami This Memorial Day Weekend

05/24/2012 04:07 pm ET | Updated Jun 27, 2012

Despite the sun and sand, Miami just might be the most frustrating place to be this Memorial Day weekend.

With roads shut down, an alleged arrest quota, and thousands of partying tourists, the 3-day weekend may not be much of a respite for locals who don't want to get sucked into an infinite South Beach traffic loop.

Instead of putting up with all that, get out of Dodge! There are fab day or weekend trips in a short drive from Miami -- whether it's snorkeling with Jesus in Key Largo, getting your future read in Cassadaga, or exploring the world of Legos, there's plenty of other amazing things to do and see this three-day weekend.

Quirky Weekend Getaways From Miami

Watch for other worthwhile destinations in Florida:

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