Wines On The Go: New Packaging Is Perfect For Picnic Season (PHOTOS)

05/24/2012 02:54 pm ET | Updated Jul 24, 2012

By Michelle Locke, Associated Press

Enjoying good wine in the great outdoors is fun, but toting glass bottles on the trail is no picnic.

Enter the new crop of alternatively packaged wines in cartons, cans and other trail-ready options.


Sure, for actual hydration you'll want to tote along water or whatever energy drink you favor. But for that moment when the hike is done, the mountain bike path conquered, or you're just relaxing and grilling a few steaks on a lazy Sunday, these wines make it easy to blend libations with explorations.

As Brad Day, a wine lover and outdoorsman who runs the outdoor activities website puts it, "It adds a nice element to sitting back and enjoying the natural surroundings."

So here are some wines that make good traveling partners.

Wines On The Go