05/25/2012 05:17 pm ET

Summer TV Episodes: 'Sex And The City,' 'Modern Family' And Our Favorite Vacation Episodes (VIDEO)

Warm weather, sunshine, the beach, cursed tiki statues, this is the stuff of summer TV episodes.

With the hot sun comes vacation, and our favorite TV characters aren't immune to the need of a little R&R. When you think of the Hamptons, it's hard not to think of "Seinfeld" and George Costanza's shrinkage problem. "I Love Lucy" made the summer road trip a sitcom staple.

From the sitcom family vacation ("Modern Family" and "The Brady Bunch" both headed to Hawaii) to the group of friends hanging out, sipping cocktails on the beach ("Sex and the City"), these are our favorite quintessential summer TV episodes to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend.

Tell us: What are your favorite episodes celebrating summer?

TV Shows Celebrating Summer


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