As the country celebrates Memorial Day on Monday and commemorates the service of all U.S. soldiers, we thought we'd take a look back at some of our favorite appearances from the American military on "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report." The likes of admirals, generals, staff sergeants and even some Medal of Honor recipients have all stopped by to talk with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert over the years, and the discussions are never dull.

Check out these 15 videos of Stewart and Colbert getting visits from the U.S. armed forces and, in a few cases, Colbert and "Daily Show" correspondent/Marine Corp Lieutenant Colonel/Afghanistan veteran Rob Riggle visiting them. Don't forget to vote for your favorite clip!

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  • Colbert's Army Basic Training

    To prepare for his trip to Iraq, Stephen Colbert underwent ten hours of basic army training. (Watch <a href="" target="_hplink">part two here</a>)

  • Operation Fluffy Bunny

    Rob Riggle visits troops in Iraq and examines how the country is so similar to Indiana.

  • Stewart Interviews William Caldwell

    Lt. General William Caldwell stops by "The Daily Show" to talk about his new army manual.

  • Colbert Interviews Ray Odierno

    General Ray Odierno talks to Stephen about why employers should hire homecoming war veterans.

  • Operation Macho Kick-Ass

    Rob Riggle helps U.S. soldiers send a postcard to the vacationing Iraqi parliament.

  • Colbert Interviews Paul Rieckhoff

    Army veteran and founder of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America stops by to talk to Stephen Colbert.

  • Stewart Interviews Mike Mullen

    Admiral Mike Mullen stops by "The Daily Show" to talk about being a military leader.

  • Colbert Interviews Salvatore Giunta

    Medal of Honor recipient Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta talks about all of the unsung heroes that he served with.

  • Colbert Gets An Army Cut

    After a direct order from the Commander-In-Chief, Stephen Colbert gets his hair cut.

  • Operation Silent Thunder

    Rob Riggle supervises a mail call for the troops in Iraq.

  • Colbert Interviews Brent Cummings And Josh Bleill

    Lt. Col. Brent Cummings and Cpl. Josh Bleill talk about the support they have recieved from the American public since coming back from Iraq.

  • Air Force Thunderbirds

    During "Operation Iraqi Stephen," Colbert tries to become an Air Force Thunderbird.

  • Colbert Interviews Frank A. Grippe

    Command Sergeant Major Frank A. Grippe stops by "The Colbert Report" while Stephen is in Iraq.

  • Stewart Interviews Leroy Petry

    Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. 1st Class Leroy Petry talks to Jon Stewart about losing his hand in Afghanistan.

  • Colbert Interviews Charles H. Jacoby Jr.

    Stephen asks Commanding General Charles H. Jacoby Jr. to pick a favorite of his 130,000 soldiers.

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