Former NFL star Terrell Owens is now also a former IFL player.

In a development that may not surprise football fans in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Dallas and perhaps an NFL city near you, the Indoor Football League team that signed Owens in January has soured on the six-time Pro Bowler. The Allen Wranglers announced on Tuesday that they have released the former NFL star, even criticizing him for a lack of commitment in a statement published on the team's website. According to the club's statement, Owens had told the team that he would not play in the important upcoming road games that could prove crucial to the team's playoff hopes.

Team President and Co-Owner Tommy Benizio said that the tipping point for Owens was when he failed to show up at a scheduled appearance with some teammates and coaches at a local children's hospital. Team owner Jon Frankel added that fans were beginning to notice Owens' lack of effort. The 38-year-old will also lose ownership stake in the team.

The Allen Wranglers are just the latest team to part ways with Owens, joining a group that includes the Cincinnati Bengals, for whom Owens played the 2010 season. But the Bengals chose not to bring him back in 2011 and during the offseason, Owens had to undergo surgery on a torn ACL.

When Owens announced that he was ready to return in October, there weren't any NFL teams knocking on his door. He even held a personal workout orchestrated by his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, which was covered by ESPN and the NFL Network.

No scouts showed up.

Owens never played in 2011 and faced several problems off the field ranging from foreclosure on his two Dallas condominiums to failure to pay his child support payments.

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