05/30/2012 01:05 pm ET Updated Jun 01, 2012

Fake Treasure Chest In Venice Beach Delights & Enrages Gathered Crowd

Venice Beach got played.

Under the cover of night on Memorial Day Weekend, four pranksters buried $100 worth of gold coins in an old treasure chest under the sand. The following day, they slowly began uncovering their "treasure" for everyone on the beach to see.

Watch the video above as an excited crowd gathers around the pit. At minute 3:34, they begin to chant "Open it! Open it!"

The literal "money shot" (the unveiling of the coins) is played over and over again as the crowds tumble into the pit for their piece of the action. Watch as their screams of excitement turn into howls of outrage when the coins are revealed to be chocolate.

Check out the video on Reddit, where the comments thread contains even more stories of people stopping at nothing to get at free cash, beer and easter eggs.

UPDATE: This video has been removed from YouTube.