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'Harry Potter' Spells Supercut: Watch Harry, Ron & Hermione Cast Spells From All 8 Films (VIDEO)

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If we could summon anything on the internet, we're pretty sure it would be this.

YouTube masterminds Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson -- the duo behind "Transformers: Just The Transforming" -- created the ultimate "Harry Potter" supercut that brings together every single “spell/wand/hand-based magic” moment from each of the eight "Potter" movies.

It's nearly 18 minutes long, but if you're a serious Potterhead, then chances are you're going to want to relive every Wingardium Leviosa moment.

Warning: You may get a little weepy watching Harry, Ron and Hermione grow from naive, first years to decorated war heroes. Accio Kleenex!


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