05/30/2012 06:29 pm ET

Russell Crowe's 'Les Miserables' Hat On Other People (PHOTOS)

You'll have to wait until Dec. 14 to see the longtime-coming film adaptation of "Les Miserables," but you can have a laugh at Russell Crowe's hat in the movie right now.

A still of Crowe playing the role of Inspector Javert has been making the rounds online because of how ridiculous Crowe looks in his period garb, specifically the hat. Let's just say, he's no Napoleon.

It's 2012, so we're really not expecting anyone to look good in a bicorne hat, but we did think it'd be funny to see how other celebrities and, er, other things look with the ridiculous hat on their heads. With the magic of PhotoShop, we can see whether or not President Obama, Miley Cyrus and even Donald Trump can rock it better than Crowe.

Russell Crowe's Hat On Other People