With 12.5 million unemployed Americans struggling to find work, one might assume a shortage of jobs is to blame.

Not so, says a recent study published by Manpower Group. In fact, one in two employers in the U.S. say they have have trouble filling positions.

The problem, according to the survey, is a shortage of talent in certain areas.

And this isn't just an American problem: According to the staffing agency's 2012 Talent Shortage survey, 35% of employers worldwide faced talent shortages, too.

If there's a bit of good news to be gleaned from the survey, it's that the skills shortage could be a good thing for baby boomers. Retraining for a second career could not only provide much needed job security, but also help workers build up a retirement fund that may have been depleted while unemployed, according to a recent Government Accountability Office report.

Top 10 Hardest Jobs To Fill:

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  • 10. Teachers

  • 9. Machinists/Machine Operators

  • 8. Nurses

  • 7. Mechanics

  • 6. Drivers

  • 5. Accounting & Finance Staff

  • 4. Sales Representatives

  • 3. IT Staff

  • 2. Engineers

  • 1. Skilled Trades

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