05/31/2012 05:52 pm ET | Updated May 31, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse 2012: Celebrities Channel Their Inner Zombies

With national news stories that sound more like gruesome horror flicks than headlines, is it so crazy to think that a zombie apocalypse could be upon us? In a word: yes.

But that isn't stopping us from visualizing our worst nightmare -- a celebrity zombie apocalypse. Although these stars are obviously not of the undead variety, they have definitely had their fair share of zombie-esque red carpet moments.

From Paz de la Huerta's silvery skin and Marilyn Manson's gothic grin to Mickey Rourke's devilish smile and Joan Rivers' piercing stare, these celebrities have certainly looked more alive.

Check out these zombie-esque celebrities below:

Celebrity Zombie Apocalypse