A new fragrance line called Scent of Departure promises to let you smell like 14 different cities. Places like Paris, London, Milan, Hong Kong, Dubai, Los Angeles and New York. Wait, New York?! Who wants to smell like New York City? Maybe some one who wants to smell like pee. Gross.

This stuff costs $45 bucks a pop and since it's being sold in airports it's under 3oz. Now, we want to know who would pay over $15 per ounce for this stuff. You have to smell pretty bad to shell out that kinda cash in the duty free shop.

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Multitasking is challenging even without all of the chaos of the airport. How do you text, eat, hold onto your child, and pull your luggage? Well, it’s simple if you’re using the Helpy Carry-On Harness. It’s about time we had the ability to experience what it’s like to be a donkey pulling a cart.

Photo: SkyMall