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MTV Movie Awards 2012: It's 'Bridesmaids' vs. 'The Hunger Games' & Much More

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HuffPost Entertainment is live-blogging the MTV Movie Awards. For our live coverage (photos, videos and more), please scroll down below the following introduction and gallery (that will also be updated throughout the show).

Earlier, from the Associated Press:

LOS ANGELES -- "Bridesmaids" and "The Hunger Games" are battling for the most buckets of golden popcorn at the MTV Movie Awards.

The raunchy comedy and survival saga are the top nominees at Sunday's 21st annual extravaganza with eight nods apiece, including movie of the year. The other contenders up for the night's top prize are "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2," `'The Help" and "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1."

The live, fan-favorite ceremony will be hosted by actor-comedian Russell Brand, and the cast of "The Dark Knight Rises" will be on hand to introduce never-before-seen footage from the latest Batman caper.

The MTV Movie Awards will also feature performances from rock band The Black Keys, rapper Wiz Khalifa and indie-pop group fun. Martin Solveig will serve as the house deejay at the Gibson Amphitheatre show.

Presenters expected to hand out popcorn-shaped trophies in such categories as "best kiss," "best on-screen dirtbag" and "best gut-wrenching performance" include Channing Tatum, Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender and Mila Kunis.

2012 MTV Movie Awards Red-Carpet Gallery
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Despite Russell Brand telling viewers that "Teen Mom" is up next, it's actually "Teen Wolf." If you like your teen dramas to have werewolves, blood and overall creepiness, stay tuned.

Goodnight guys, thanks for joining. Check back on HuffPost Entertainment for posts on all the hot clips, trailers and performances from tonight's show. Now, on to "Mad Men" and "Girls." Night!

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"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I"

Congrats Twi-hards!

Kristen Stewart says that she's tired of being asked "how happy" she is to leave "Twilight" behind, because she loves it the most. Taylor Lautner also spoke, thanking the cast, crew and author/producer Stephenie Meyer.

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After showing some footage from "Dark Knight," Bale returned to the microphone to introduce director Christopher Nolan. His eyes were glistening, and he had to stop himself and look down once. "It's great to see Heath Ledger up there," he said.

Nolan introduced the "Dark Knight Rises" footage, saying he believed this film was the best way they could have ended their trilogy of Batman films.

The footage? Epic.


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The 23-year-old actress was already teary-eyed when she took the stage, says it's "an honor to be associated with a concept like trailblazing," and proceeds to give a very sweet and engaging speech about why she hopes no one follows her, but rather finds their own path to success.

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Just when we were starting to get really sad that we were missing "Mad Men," "Girls" and "Veep" for this, Channing Tatum came out and started taking off his clothes.

But then Matthew McConaughey stopped him.

They presented Best On-Scene Transformation, which went to -- OH WAIT THERE IS STRIPPING, here comes Joe Manganiello in a fireman's outfit.

Then Elizabeth Banks won for "The Hunger Games" and thanked MTV for placing her between the three strapping men.


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Daniel Radcliffe took home Best Award, a fan-voted award. Congrats Harry!

More on Watson and Best Cast:

This is Harry Potter's last award ever. I feel so sad, but at least Emma mentioned the true hero of the Harry Potter series: Dobby!

- CB

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Best Cast goes to an adorable Emma Watson and her "Harry Potter" castmates. (There are too many to type, sorry).



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A super unnecessary, large "Promethues" set heralded Fassbender and Theron's entrance. Then Theron beat up Fassbender because he insinuated women can't fight.

Josh Hutcherson & Jennifer Lawrence vs .Alexander Ludwig from "The Hunger Games" took the award. No. 3 for the film! Go fans!


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HuffPost Entertainment reports on the Best Kiss Award:

"Twilight" stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson once again took home the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss during Sunday night's broadcast. It's the fourth consecutive Best Kiss win for the on-screen -- and off-screen -- couple.

Unfortunately, Pattinson wasn't there to accept the Golden Popcorn with Stewart, so she resorted to a back-up plan.

"Where's my Huntsman?," she asked.

When that didn't work, she offered up another Tribute.


That didn't work either, so she turned to her last resort.

"Where's Taylor [Lautner]?"

Sorry Twi-hards; did you really think it was going to be that easy?

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After being introduced by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, Depp took the stage with The Black Keys. We're surprised his pal Marilyn Manson, who Depp has performed with before, wasn't around.

Depp played guitar on "Gold on the Ceiling," focusing on his fretting but doing an all-around decent job. We'll take that over a self-serving speech any day.


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@ eonline : Johnny Depp Set to Perform at the MTV Movie Awards

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"Twilight," for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

Andy Samberg, Leighton Meester and Adam Sandler presented for Best Kiss, who each told boring stories about their kisses. "I'm a little embarrassed for you, because I didn't realize you were a whore," Sandler told Meester after she told a sweet story about a peck after her high school prom.

The only saving grace of this award show is that Harry Potter will win Best Movie.


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Can someone take those red cups out of the hands of those kids pretending to party and at least turn the mic up if we have to listen to Wiz Khalifa? Also, WE GET IT WIZ, your mic stand has a scarf on it, just like Steven Tyler's!


"Was Drake unavailable?"


And the Joan Jett shirt? Is he Kristen Stewart?


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Jennifer Lawrence for "The Hunger Games." That's the movie's second award of the night. Lawrence couldn't make it, which forced presenter Kristen Stewart ad-lib (awesomely painful) before introducing a (saccharine) pre-taped acceptance speech from Lawrence.

What a difference!


Kristen Stewart had more sexual chemistry with Chris Hemsworth in 30 seconds of badly scripted patter than in 124 minutes of "Snow White & the Huntsman."


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Russell Brand and MTV continue to ignore Harry Potter on the telecast, but Harry is dominating the fan voting. Nothing like knowing your audience! Good job, MTV.


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All EDM, all time. So far Solveig has played his own "Hello," Calvin Harris' "Feel So Close" and "Breakin' a Sweat" by Skrillex and The Doors.

It's like a rave, except it's totally mainstream!


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The guy who isn't Ryan Gosling.

Just kidding! Josh Hutcherson wins for "The Hunger Games" as the crowd explodes and Martin Solveig plays M83.

"Oh my God! I've wanted to hold a Golden Popcorn since I was four years old," says Hutcherson, as he slides comfortable into his MTV-hyperbole jacket.


With that hat, Josh Hutcherson is auditioning to play Johnny Depp in the coming remake of "Benny and Joon."


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Shailene Woodley, who will certainly be the subject of many "NEAR WARDROBE-MALFUNCTION" posts tomorrow morning.

Woodley, who won for "The Descendants," shouted out Hawaii and the "profound ecosystem around us." Then said her award is for "cinema." Maybe she thinks she's at Sundance?


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"I'm so glad Jennifer Aniston has won Best Dirtbag, I've always been a fan of her dirtbag, it's one of the better dirtbags out there."

No words.


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Jennifer Aniston: "I would like to say thank you for the television show 'Friends,' for allowing me to unleash my inner sweetheart, and Seth Gordon for allowing me to announce my best dirtbag."

Mila Kunis and Marky Mark presented, after some bizarre heckling from the crowd. Jen looks amazing!


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"The last time I hosted I did marry someone who was there, so I'm keeping my eyes open for a new wife tonight. FASSBENDER!"

Brand makes another Katy Perry joke, this time shouting out his childhood classmate Michael Fassbender, who's "massive, engorged talent" he teased earlier.

- KM

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Brand shouts out Martin Solveig, the French house producer and DJ best known for his song "Hello."

Here are some of Brand's jokes:

"Justin Bieber is so pretty that even if he was attacking me, I'd do a little orgasm. It's his hair!"

"... Wait until you see what I have to say about celebrities with short-lived marriages! ... Kanye storming the stage the last time I took a lot of pressure off me, and Kim's record-breaking short marriage also took pressure off me. Cheers."

"I think of Kim Kardashian as the Stanley Kubric of sextapes. They're all brilliant but she only does one each decade."

Charlie Sheen is in the audience, though we're not sure why.

- KM

Russell Brand, recovering addict, telling Charlie Sheen, possibly recovering addict (?) to get high and drunk. Classy.

- CR

Also, he keeps shouting out "Hunger Games" and "Twilight," but not "Harry Potter." He's British. Where is his Harry Potter pride?

- Crystal Bell, HuffPost Entertainment Associate Editor (CB)

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Fun. performed "We Are Young." They had their band name in the back in case people just know them as the band that sings this song.

- Christopher Rosen, a fellow Entertainment editor (CB).

Also, Jennifer Aniston has no idea who Fun. is and has never heard this song.

-Kia Makarechi (KM)

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So far...

- Josh Horowitz making a Michael Fassbender penis joke that did not go over well. "You need help, don't you?" asked the "Shame" actor. "You're a little upset. Just a little upset."

- Kat Graham, "Vampire Diaries" star, asking Charlize Theron how she stays "so pretty." Theron laughed for a beat too long, then said "I don't know."

- Sway shouting out SuChin Pak's new baby on the red carpet, in the middle of an interview with Josh Hutcherson and Elizabeth Banks. (Congrats, SuChin!)

Will this be the best part of the show?

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Hello everyone -- Thanks for joining us. The show kicks off at 9p EST, but we're here early watching Drake get "Punk'd" (which is actually wonderful) and keeping an eye on the red carpet. We'll post any updates as they come, and we'll be monitoring the comments as well, so feel free to chime in.



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