'Prometheus' Paper Trailer And Other Spoof Teasers Online (VIDEO)

06/04/2012 03:02 pm ET | Updated Jun 05, 2012

Because you haven't seen enough teasers, clips and viral videos for "Prometheus," here comes a new trailer for the film -- done entirely in paper.

Keeping with a recent trend of recasting blockbuster trailers in odd forms -- LEGOs, sausages -- the "Prometheus" paper clip is exactly what you'd expect: the Ridley Scott film's most teaser-y moments redone with paper. (The design work was done by The Receptionist, a.k.a Travis Betz, who has a series of shorts online.)

Watch paper "Prometheus" in the slideshow below, and stick around for clips of "The Dark Knight," "Battleship," "Lord of the Rings" and more.

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