On her wedding day, Shalita Harris probably expected to be showered with gifts and well wishes. Instead, the Atlanta bride and her bridesmaids were doused in an oily black substance just moments before walking down the aisle.

The women were preparing for the wedding ceremony when they heard a "big boom" and the oily liquid shot out of their hotel room's sprinkler system, WSB-TV reports.

Only two bridesmaids were able to attend the wedding in their stained dresses while the others were transported to a local hospital due to breathing difficulties, according to the report.

Of course, wedding wardrobe malfunctions aren't all that uncommon.

Just consider this bride whose dress caught on fire at her reception, or this woman's rather revealing exit as the wind lifted up her wedding dress in front of her guests.

And while Harris might think her pre-ceremony mishap is one for the record books, at least none of her wedding guests got arrested during the reception, as was the case for this U.K. couple.

In May, the couple had to call authorities after the brother of the bride became drunk and disorderly. Jason Ellis Brealey was allegedly standing atop a table pants-less when police arrived at the scene.

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