Throughout Terrell Owens' NFL career, he always had someone beside him to reenforce his confidence and remind the media of his top-notch football skills. That someone was super agent Drew Rosenhaus. But now it appears that Rosenhaus no longer believes in Owens' football abilities and the relationship has come to an end.

In a statement released on Owens' website, the former NFL star announced the hiring of a new agent, Jordan Woy of Willis & Woy Sports Groups LLC:

"Woy and his team will be working to place Owens back on the football field for the upcoming 2012 NFL season. Owens is happy to welcome a change in representation and is extremely confident in Jordan Woy and his team.

I am making changes in my life so I can continue my career as a professional football player. I have hired Jordan Woy as my new agent. It was important for me to hire someone who believes in my ability to help an NFL team and believes in me as a person. I love the game of football and I know I can help a team."

Owens announced the move nearly a week after getting cut by the Indoor Football League's Allen Wranglers, who criticized him for a lack of commitment in a statement posted on the team website.

According to TMZ, Owens is considering filing a lawsuit against the Wranglers and demanded a public apology. He also was said to have claimed that the team owes him $160,000 (four game checks).

No NFL team seemed to be interested in acquiring the six-time Pro Bowler for the 2011-12 season after he had surgery on a torn ACL in the offseason. Following his announcement in October that he would be ready for the gridiron, Owens held a personal workout, orchestrated by Rosenhaus, that was covered by ESPN and the NFL Network.

No team showed up.

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