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Wisconsin Recall: Obama Campaign Sends Out Email, Releases Video For Tom Barrett

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MILWAUKEE -- The Obama campaign used its social networks to help get out the vote on Tuesday, as Wisconsinites head to the polls and determine the political fate of Gov. Scott Walker (R).

On Tuesday morning, the campaign sent out an email to Wisconsin residents urging them to vote for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D), with a link to a site helping voters find their polling place:

The campaign also released a 44-second web video called "It's Time Wisconsin: Own Your Vote," where a young woman talks about the importance of voting. (Barrett's name is mentioned, but only once.)

President Barack Obama did not go out to Wisconsin to stump for Barrett, much to the disappointment of many Democrats. Obama did endorse him as soon as he won the Democratic primary (a fact that the White House press secretary was not aware of until recently), and he tweeted that he is, figuratively, "standing by" Barrett.

UPDATE: 11:49 a.m. CST -- The Obama for America - Wisconsin Facebook page is decked out for the recall, with a picture of Obama and Barrett as the cover photo. The campaign also posted an image detailing the two-step process for registering to vote on election day:

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