Before he hit it big in Hollywood, "Snow White and the Huntsman" star Chris Hemsworth had to pay the bills and the Australian actor revealed to "The Tonight Show" host Jay Leno that he's had some strange gigs in his past.

"I did [lots of odd jobs] back in Australia before I came over to [Los Angeles] -- a lot of construction work, building sites and horticultural work," the 28-year-old told Leno, who also wanted to know the worst job he's ever had.

"I wouldn't say it was the worst, but it was an interesting job. I worked for Fisher and Parker, which is a home-ware company, and I had to clean, and assemble, and repair breast pumps that were rented to pharmacies," he told Leno, stopping to make sure the host knew what he was talking about.

“I was like 15 and the machine would come in covered in dried milk, and I’d be there with a toothbrush, scrubbing ‘em up and cleaning,” Hemsworth recalled. “And then the fan belt would break, so I’d pull it apart and repair it and check if they were working again.”

More odd jobs celebrities had before they were famous:

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  • Jennifer Aniston, Telemarketer

    If you hung up on a telemarketer in the early nineties, you may have ruined pre-Friends Jen's day. But don't worry, Karma's got it covered--these days you'd end up paying her for 10 minutes on the phone.

  • Madonna, Dunkin' Donuts Clerk

    Madonna is many things, but a donut virgin is not one. The icon worked at the popular donut franchise as a teenager to make extra cash. (Looks like even young Mad knew she needed dough in a material world.)

  • Brad Pitt, Giant Chicken

    Pitt may go down as the most attractive human chicken in history. In between acting jobs, limo driving and refrigerator moving, Brad donned a giant chicken costume to lure passersby into El Pollo Loco on Sunset Boulevard. But don't feel too bad for he's making the big bocks, I mean bucks.

  • Victoria Beckham, A Sperm

    Yes, you read correctly. Posh Spice made her small-screen debut as a roller-skating sperm in a BBC sex-ed production called Body Matters. She's still a sex symbol, but now it's less literal...

  • Kanye West, Employee at the Gap

    Kanye got his start like most hard-edged, gangster thug rappers...folding sweaters at The Gap? Now it's clear why he's such a trendsetter, although we still can't see his trademark glasses making it into Gap stores next to the khakis.

  • Julia Roberts, Ice Cream Scooper

    Julia's big-screen break as a small-town girl working at a pizza shop in the film Mystic Pizza propelled her to stardom, but long before she was serving slices on screen she was scooping ice cream behind a counter. Surrounded by ice cream all day? As far as paths to success go, not such a Rocky Road.

  • Rachael Mcadams, McDonalds Employee

    The first script McAdams had to memorize went something like this: "Would you like fries with that?" But what's truly impressive is that Micky-A worked at Micky-D's for three whole summers in an effort to make bank. Eventually, Rachel graduated from the Golden Arch to the Golden Globes...not bad.

  • Cindy Crawford, Corn-shucker

    The question "Is there anything Cindy Crawford can't make sexy?" is finally answered in the affirmative thanks to one of her first jobs: shucking corn at a fair in Illinois. As a college freshman, Cindy agreed to shuck corn to make some extra cash; today, (luckily) her workout videos are the corniest part of her career.

  • Hugh Jackman, Clown

    It's rarely a compliment to call a celebrity a clown, but Hugh Jackman might disagree. The X-Men star made cash performing at children's birthday parties before he hit it big. We have to wonder, did he have a clown name? (If his performance in Superman Returns tells us anything, was it Floppy?)

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