Legendary science-fiction author Ray Bradbury passed away Wednesday morning in Los Angeles. Bradbury, who was 91, leaves behind a legacy that extends beyond the literature community, with tens of TV and film credits to his name.

Here at HuffPost Entertainment, we've collected some of the "Fahrenheit 451" author's most notable film and TV moments. Interestingly, Bradbury has a great deal of foreign language writing credits, including six episodes of 2004's "Un, Dos, Tres ... Resonda Otra Vez."

Bradbury is also credited with "El Que Espera" and "El Umbral," from 2004 and 2003, respectively.

Of his work in television, the late author is perhaps best known for "The Ray Bradbury Theater," a series that spanned the late '80s and early '90s. Bradbury has 58 credits from that show, writing both the screenplays and the stories that inspired them.

Bradbury's efforts were not confined to screenwriting alone. The man of many talents' most recent onscreen appearance was in 1996's "Corwin," a biography of the great writer and producer.

He also wrote the original treatment for Universal's first 3-D movie, 1953's "It Came From Outer Space." Three years later, Josh Huston's "Moby Dick" adaptation debuted. Bradbury wrote the screenplay for the film, which starred Gregory Peck.

Francois Truffaut chose Fahrenheit 451 for his first color movie (and only English-language project).

Of course, Michael Moore's meditation on post-September 11 America, "Fahrenheit 911," winked at Bradbury's dystopian novel as well.

As though movies, television and books weren't large enough worlds to conquer, Bradbury's influence extended into the the music world as well. Just this year, his short story "The Veldt" inspired progressive house music producer Deadmau5 to create a song by the same name. Deadmau5 (who's real name is Joel Zimmerman) posted the instrumental for the song online and eventually released a vocal mix that featured a previously unknown singer who posted a YouTube cover of the track with original lyrics.

Flip through the gallery below to see trailers, clips and more of Bradbury's films, TV series and speeches. Rest in peace, Mr. Bradbury.

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  • All Summer In A Day - 1982 - Ray Bradbury (complete)

    Based on a short story by the author Ray Bradbury. Summary: On the planet Venus, it rains almost constantly. A classroom full of young children are excited to hear that the rain will stop today, for just fifteen minutes. But they are also resentful of a new classmate from Earth, who remembers what it's like to see the sun. They lock her in a closet just before the sun comes out.

  • An Evening with Ray Bradbury 2001

    Science fiction author Ray Bradbury regales his audience with stories about his life and love of writing in "Telling the Truth," the keynote address of The Sixth Annual Writer's Symposium by the Sea, sponsored by Point Loma Nazarene University. Series: Writer's Symposium By The Sea [4/2001] [Public Affairs] [Humanities] [Show ID: 5533]

  • Moby Dick (1956)

    Moby Dick is a 1956 film adaptation of Herman Melville's novel Moby-Dick. It was directed by John Huston with a screenplay by Ray Bradbury and the director. The film starred Gregory Peck, Richard Basehart, and Leo Genn.

  • The Pedestrian - by Ray Bradbury

    The Pedestrian - based on the short story by Ray Bradbury. The movie was shooted in Hamburg City in the winter of 2010/11 in german language. Directed by three students from the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (social work)

  • Ray Bradbury Prunes Commercial

    Strange prunes commercial from, I believe, the 60s.

  • A Conversation with Ray Bradbury

    A short film for the National Endowment for the arts feature Ray Bradbury as he discusses his life, literary loves and Fahrenheit 451

  • Ray Bradbury - Icarus Montgolfier Wright - Format Films 1962

    This rarely seen film was based on a story by celebrated author Ray Bradbury. It was produced at Herb Klynn's Format Films in 1962. Adapted for film by Ray Bradbury and George Clayton Johnson Illustrations by Joe Mugnaini Directed by Osmond Evans Voices by James Whitmore and Ross Martin Academy Award Nominee 1962

  • BRADBURY 13 "The Ravine" narrated by Paul Frees

    This was the first episode in a series of radio drama adaptations of thirteen Ray Bradbury stories.

  • Ray Bradbury on Writing Persistently

    Ray Bradbury

  • The Ray Bradbury Theater presents 'Tyrannosaurus Rex'

    Bradbury's short story Tyrannosaurus Rex (originally published in 1962 under the title The Prehistoric Producer), his affectionate tribute to his childhood bud Ray Harryhausen, was later adapted by Bradbury as the basis for an episode of his cable television anthology show The Ray Bradbury Theater. In Tyrannosaurus Rex (originally broadcast on May 14, 1988), the main character, a mild-mannered animator named John Terwilliger (Cris Campion), is obviously inspired by Harryhausen. Terwilliger is hired by movie producer Joe Clarence (Joe Dunk) to provide the special effects for a low-budget prehistoric fantasy. Terwilliger accepts the job with some trepidation, mainly because of Clarence's reputation as a tyrannical bully. Confined to a wheelchair with a malignant growth on his forehead, Clarence is a bitter, ill-tempered, stingy misanthrope who never allows those who have the misfortune to be employed by him to forget who holds the purse strings. Clarence is especially dissatisfied with the Tyrannosaurus Rex that Terwilliger is creating for the picture. No matter how many times Terwilliger redesigns the clay-and-rubber miniature, Clarence insists that it's not "scary enough." At his wit's end, Terwilliger finally decides that, if Clarence wants a truly terrifying monster, he knows exactly who to use as the model for his T-Rex. A charming parody of the film industry, Tyrannosaurus Rex has the added bonus of giving fans of stop-action animation a behind-the-scenes glimpse of <b>...</b>

  • Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451" Authorized Adaptation Graphic Novel Review

    Review of an entertaining graphic novel illustrated by Tim Hamilton. It follows its source novel, "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury, surprisingly well. I recommend it, but let me state again: READ THE NOVEL FIRST! You'll enjoy it a lot more if you have done so.

  • NEA Big Read: Meet Ray Bradbury

    Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 remains one of the most iconic works in American Literature. At home with his cats and collectables, Mr. Bradbury talks about how the book came into being and what has sustained his extraordinary career.

  • Discussion with Ray Bradbury

    A discussion with Ray Bradbury concerning the novel Fahrenheit 451. Franšois Truffaut Director: Franšois Truffaut Editor: David Palmer Director of Photography: Mike Osmond

  • The Halloween Tree 1993 Ray Bradbury Full Movie

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  • Ray Bradbury Theater - The Murderer part 1

    Arthur Brock sounds off against noise, leading him to violence - and a cell in the psychiatric ward. Part 2: www.youtube.com

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