To celebrate the launch of El Huffington Post, our expansion into Spain (¡Felicidades herman@s!), we dropped in on the Feria del Libro, an annual public celebration of books in the beautiful El Retiro Park in the center of Madrid.

Hundreds of publishers, distributors, bookstores and authors filled stands in the park. While there, we snapped some pretty special book cover designs – the Spanish market seems to use stock photography and white space in a very different way to that of American publishers. When it works, it really works.

Take a look, and keep an eye out for a new angle on some famous books.

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  • "Animal Farm" (literally "Revolution on the farm")

  • The tiniest book at the fair.

  • Looks familiar. A nice minimalist look to the series.

  • This publisher specializes in perfect facsimiles of books more than a hundred years old

  • Classic authors, reduced to small minimalist circles.

  • Great use of stock photography.

  • We're not sure what this children's book is about, but we like its cover

  • Avant-garde poetry deserves unconventional typography.

  • This stall was filled with kids' books - they had a smart solution for getting small people up to book-eye-level.

  • We really like this elegant take on Christopher Paolini's series.

  • Even Holmes would struggle to smoke this pipe.

  • Herry Sotter seems to be some kind of Harry Potter parody. Starring a bear.

  • Love how the 'O' frames his mouth. Bonus fact: "voz" means "voice."

  • This poetry house seems to feature a rhino somewhere on every cover.

  • A real apple, made to look like a fake one.

  • Love this photo.

  • Revolution!

  • This is a book about Spain's recent financial troubles. They've replaced the king's head with a more apt figurehead for their banking system.

  • The children's story space was a castle!

  • This metaphor seems to translate pretty well.

  • A fairly literal (and also metaphorical) design for "Of Mice and Men".

  • A particularly goth Snow White.

  • Abstract and striking.

  • "The Hypochondriac Assassin" has a very distinctive cover.

  • "Restroom for readers". Don't expect the line to move too fast.

  • A beautifully evocative cover image.

  • These distinctive covers were at an LGBTQ bookseller.

  • Perhaps the best gay novel cover ever.

  • Goth and gory.

  • This amazingly beautiful collection of Grimm fairy tales, created by Alejandra Acosta and published by Jekyll and Jill, includes this incredible illustration featuring red thread.

  • No idea who this is.

  • The Spanish edition of literary magazine <em>Granta</em>.

  • Paul Auster has a pretty big Spanish following. This is a poster for his forthcoming "Winter's Journal."

  • Chuck P never looked so scary.

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