It's Nail Paint For Men, Please, Not Nail Polish (PHOTOS)

06/07/2012 04:50 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Men have been working for hundreds of years to get the black off their fingernails--now the movement to reverse that trend continues. Adding to their already rebellious Rebel Nail Paint collection, Evolution Man has partnered with designer, stylist, and TV personality Indashio to create Indashio Black nail polish for men.

Matte and masculine or metallic and mysterious, the new nail paints conjure up all sorts of Dark Shadows-inspired, 80s-retro loving creative types looking to "Metrosexual up" their look.

Definitely rock and roll, for sure. "The colour is cool, sleek, and its matte, masculine finish is super rock star," says Indashio, who is currently featured on the Lifetime Channel's 24 Hour Catwalk. "I am looking forward to starting a trend with guys wearing nail polish."

You have to be pretty manly to pull off nail paint. And if Marc Jacobs can wear dresses, anything is possible. $15, Limited edition, guys. Better get moving.

Available in Canada from in Vancouver.

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