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Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley LIVE UPDATES On WBO Welterweight Title Fight

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Manny Pacquiao (54-3-2, 38 KO)
Timothy Bradley (28-0, 12 KOs)
WBO Welterweight Title
Las Vegas, Nevada
MGM Grand

Despite being the far more accomplished fighter, Manny Pacquiao seems to be entering his welterweight title bout against Timothy Bradley as the fighter with something to prove. There is no doubt that he is also the fighter with the most to lose.

"I want to prove that I'm still young and I can still fight," the 33-year-old Pacquiao said before the welterweight bout. "I feel I'm still hungry, I'm still OK."

Pacquiao and his camp seem to be as preoccupied with impressing critics -- and perhaps a certain fighter locked up elsewhere in Las Vegas -- as with defeating Bradley. Coming off a relatively lackluster showing (by his own high standards) against Juan Manuel Marquez and being absorbed in controversy surrounding his newfound religiosity and comments against gay marriage, Pacquiao seems as vulnerable as he perhaps ever has. Despite having more career knockouts (38) than Bradley has career wins (28), Pacquiao was only made a 4-1 favorite by the oddsmakers. For his part, Bradley knows he most give it his all in order to upset his more famous opponent.

"It's all or nothing," said the 28-year-old Bradley, a striver who once waited tables to support his nascent fight career. "No rounds off. Round by round I have to win each one."

Will Bradley shock the world? Can Pacquiao show everyone that he's back at the top of his game? And will Floyd Mayweather Jr. be able to watch the fight from jail?


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I'm dumbfounded. I don't know what to say. Just when they started off 115 and 113, I have no comment. I'm totally confused.

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"I don't think we're blind, I think Harold Lederman is the best scorer alive and I think that is a terrible, bogus decision."

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Duane Ford

113- 115 to Bradley

C.J. Ross

113-115 to Bradley

Jerry Roth

115-113 to Pacquiao

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@ ChrisMannixSI : Arum says Bradley's manager had it 8-4 for Pacquiao.

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Pacquiao's Power Punches Landed: 190 Thrown: 493

PCT: 39%

Bradley's Power Punches Landed: 108 Thrown: 390

PCT: 28%

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The reaction of the HBO analysts is horror and the crowd is upset. Also, Twitter is confused.

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Bradley defeated Pacquiao by split decision. That's a shock.

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We've gone the full 12 rounds. Bradley's corner lifts him up as if he'd won. Manny smiles, bemused. Even for boxing, it would seem inconceivable that Manny doesn't take this in a unanimous decision.

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Bradley still throwing punches as the final round ticks down and HBO already talking about Mayweather.

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Pacquiao and Bradley are through 11 and it's been almost ALL Manny. Does Bradley have a moment of inspiration in him? Does he have the power to take advantage of such a moment?

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@ ChrisMannixSI : Really like to see Pacquiao close this fight strong. A knockout would be big here.

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The crowd boos as the 10th round ends. Freddie Roach tells Manny that he let that round go. Yup.

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Bradley's corner telling HBO that he broke his foot in the second round. Regardless of the diagnosis, Bradley seemed to be injured in a retreat from a PacMan flurry.

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Manny looks to be sweeping the cards of everyone employed by HBO. It's possible that Bradley could have snuck in a round (maybe the first) from someone else's point of view.

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Bradley crowded in to Pacquiao, who is defending his face with his gloves. He'll eventually push Bradley back. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

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Manny aggressively fighting this 9th round from top to bottom rather than waiting for the final minute. Does he want to end this before the 12th. Is there another Celtics game?

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Manny goes back to the well to start the 9th and Bradley can't stop him from drinking.

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Manny 168

Bradley 89

Through 8 rounds

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And the fighters separate before ref gets them back at it.

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Manny seems to have a cut in his mouth but it isn't slowing him yet. According to CompuBox, PacMan landed 27 punches to 13 punches by Bradley.

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Loads of credit to Bradley, he's still pushing the issue in the seventh. He's willing to go swing for swing despite being at such a power deficit.

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@ danrafaelespn : Pacquiao is dominating but Bradley is hanging in thru 6. I have Manny up 59-55. Been an action fight. #PacBradley #boxing

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Fight pace slows as Pacquiao gets comfortable with his status in the fight. Bradley seems to be performing better but Manny comes up with another late flurry, pushing Bradley to the ropes and then firing in a left uppercut once they waltz back into the center of the ring.

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Pacquiao knocks Bradley into the ropes with yet another hard left. Had they been in the center of the ring he could have gone down. Bradley seems to be attempting to trade punches but this is not an even exchange rate.

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These seem the likeliest scores through four by the judges. What can Bradley do here?

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Bradley's corner telling him to ignore his "f*%king foot' between 4th and 5th. He might have rolled an ankle retreating from Manny.

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@ HBOboxing : #Compubox: Percent of punches landed/thrown in RD3: Pacquiao 49%, Bradley 21% #LedermanCard 30-27 Pacquiao

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Manny is coming after Bradley and chasing him around the ring late in the fourth. Pac shook him up and then saw the opening for a possible knockout. As Manny gets very aggressive, Bradley does sneak in a right hand that seemed to move Manny's head back more than anything he's thrown at him yet.

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Both fighters swinging and crouching. Manny pops up with a right hook. Pacquiao smiling here in the fourth as they fight.

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Bradley grins after a taking yet another left. He's sticking in there but just can't do anything about that punch.

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