Documenting the ups and downs of Penn Badgley's facial hair is one of our pastimes, and the "Gossip Girl" gave us something to talk about over the weekend.

Badgley, who has moved on from bright, shiny Cali girl Blake Lively to downtown, hipster Alexander Wang-wearing Zoe Kravitz (and has made a corresponding wardrobe changes himself) was seen walking around downtown New York City in the summer heat.

His printed tank top (hello, chest hair!) kept him cool in the sun; his new beard, however, seemed to be smothering his face his fleecy, identity-shrouding warmth.

We already knew Badgley had a thing for long hair, but we were previously unaware of his affinity for the 'stache. What do you think of this wooly mammoth-meets-hipster look? Can you even recognize the owner of this elaborate facial hair?

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Penn's new facial hair:


penn badgley facial hair

penn badgley facial hair

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