Our biggest pet peeve is the inevitabile march of time and the tragic monotony of existence. With that in mind, we have to deal with another damn week and all the BS that comes with it. So annoying. These are the specific things out of a mountain of nonsense that we'd certainly rather not face.

What are you not looking forward to this week?

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  • Shirtless Tom Cruise Staring At Us

    Congratulations, "Rock of Ages," for making us feel weird.

  • Reaching Peak "Call Me Maybe"

    All the otha boys... will quickly get sick of this year's summer jam. But then, they'll miss it so bad.

  • Madonna's Nipple Flash Video Going Around

    Not everything old is new again.

  • That Bitch Megan Draper Stealing All Our Parts

    Seriously, they're looking for a <em>European</em> type, not <em>French-Canadian.</em>

  • Bill Murray Not Entertaining At Every Sports Event

    Why do the Charleston RiverDogs fans <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/11/bill-murray-baseball-rain-delay-video_n_1586380.html" target="_hplink">get all the fun?</a>

  • Arguing About "Prometheus"

    Why did they create us? Why did they get mad us? Why did David do that? Why waste Guy Pearce? GOD!

  • Neil Patrick Harris Not Hosting Our Lives

    After watching him on the Tonys, it's unacceptable to us that NPH isn't charmingly inserted into every avenue of our lives.

  • Finding A Father's Day Gift

    No, a phone call is not enough.

  • Planning Your Summer Staycation

    The economy, right?!

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