'ZOMBIE' License Plate: Yardley Frantz, Stun Gun Shooting Suspect, Spotted By Vanity Plate

06/12/2012 09:07 am ET

ALLENTOWN, Pa. -- A Pennsylvania woman who allegedly hit a man with a stun gun during a pedestrian hit-and-run was arrested after police say her vanity license plate made her easy to track down.

Allentown police say Yardley Joy Frantz was promptly arrested Friday after witnesses spotted her "ZOMBIE" license plate.

Investigators say Frantz ran into a man and his nephew with her car around 7 p.m., then zapped the man's son with a stun gun after he confronted her.

Frantz is free on bail as she faces charges including aggravated and simple assault. A phone number for her could not immediately be located.


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