Most of us have received a hilarious text or email from our fathers at some point. Whether they're proposing potential band names, urgently reminding us about Flag Day or asking us how they can send a text from the home phone, dads can often be counted on to use digital communication in creative ways.

This Father's Day, we're paying tribute to the #1 men in our lives by rounding up excellent texts and e-mails women have received from their dads. Check out the texts below, then send your best texts and emails from your dad to or tweet them @HuffPostWomen using #textsfromdad. We'll feature them here. Prepare to LOL.

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  • E-mail From Meredith's Dad

  • Giulia Rozzi

  • Jaime Linn

    "My ‪#dad‬ teaching me to ride a ‪#bike‬ by scaring me, I guess. Happy Fathers Day!" @JaimeSamantha

  • Niki

  • Karen

    My Dad is 64 years old and he got his first cell phone a few months ago. He can't send text messages because, as he explains, the buttons are too small for his fingers. So instead, he writes a message on a white board, takes a picture of that message, and then texts the pictures to me. Attached are a few examples.

  • Lisa