06/14/2012 06:12 pm ET

Woman Attacks Muni: Market Street Fight Caught On Video By Kanye West Yeezy 2 Campout

While all San Franciscans may complain over the notorious Muni delays, one woman took it to the extreme by attacking a street car and crying "I want to go home," only to be punched by an onlooker who tried to pull her down.

And it was all caught on video.


The long line of witnesses camped out in front of Shiek Shoes on Market Street watched the incident unfold while waiting for a pair of Kanye West's Nike Air Yeezy 2 sneakers.

The brawl does not seem to be related to a pair of the exclusive sneakers.

Take a look at the riveting video below (and note the bystander who casually tags the trolly during the chaos):