06/15/2012 07:43 am ET

Franc Grom's Unbelievably Intricate Egg Sculptures (PHOTOS)

Creating a work of art is such a delicate process it can feel as if every step is like walking on eggshells. Imagine how intense the process would be if eggs were literally your canvas. We found these gems on the Daily Mail.

Franc Grom crafts beautiful, lacelike sculptures into egg shells, inspired by traditional Slovenian design. Each egg contains 2,500 to 17,000 tiny holes made with a small electric boring tool. Grom calls his ivory shelled masterpieces Easter eggs, but there was no way we could wait until next year to share them with you.

Grom's attention to detail accentuates the eggshell's delicate nature, creating fragile vessels that light up from within. Check out the breathtaking ornaments below:

The Most Eggcellent Art Ever


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