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Harvey Weinstein: 'Obama Will Win'

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Harvey Weinstein stopped by CBS to talk politics and French cinema on Friday. When "CBS This Morning" host Charlie Rose asked him how many Obama campaign fundraisers he was going to, Weinstein said he would attend as many as possible.

"I think President Obama will win and once people realize Romney's politics for economics are the politics of the past ..." Weinstein said before Rose interrupted him to ask whether Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton or Obama was "his favorite."

"I have no favorites, it's like the Beatles -- John, Paul, George, Ringo? I like them all," Rose said. "I think I'm pretty close to President Obama, but I'm not going to say that. I'm sure the next time Piers Morgan asks me to host his show again I will ask President Obama to be my guest, and the first question? 'Charlie Rose said we weren't close.'"

Weinstein was on air to plug "The Intouchables," the latest French film he brought over (previously: "The Artist"). "I'm happy to be here with 'The Intouchables' as opposed to the CGI movie that looks like the CGI movie that came out the week before," he said.

But what's the key to his success? "I'm a benevolent dictator." Watch the clip below.

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