06/15/2012 05:42 pm ET | Updated Jun 16, 2012

The 10 Best States For Immigrant Entrepreneurs

A new report from the Fiscal Policy Institute has found that more and more immigrants in America are showcasing their inner entrepreneur and running businesses. Immigrants now make up 18 percent of small business owners, an increase of six percent from 20 years ago.

Immigrants were most likely to own a restaurant (37 percent), a grocery store (49 percent) or a dry cleaning or laundry service (54 percent), according to the study.

The worst states for immigrant small-business owners are South Dakota and Montana, the report found. South Dakota immigrants make up 2.2 percent of the state’s population and only 1.1 percent of business owners, while Montana immigrants make up 1.9 percent of the state population and just 1.7 percent of business owners.

Which states ranked best? Check out our slideshow to see which states are the most rife with immigrant small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Top 10 States For Immigrant Business Owners