Are you a Mac user who wants the power and speed of a modern-day laptop but yearns for the basic graphics and stripped-down designs of 1984?

Amsterdam-based designer Ben Vessey has created an icon and wallpaper download that'll outfit your new Mac with an old-school look. Vessey's Mac OS (Old School) morphs computer displays into to a basic GUI look popularized by Macs of the 1980s, according to Mashable's "Timeline of Mac OS."


"I was fed up with the current trend of making icons 'shiny’ and the overuse of shadows and gradients, so I decided to make my own,” Vessey told Fast Company. "Initially, I set out to create minimalistic, flat colour icons, but then I figured it would be a really interesting project to design modern icons in the style of Mac OS '84.”

Some of Vessy's icons are direct duplicates of the original Mac OS, while others are created from scratch.

“Bizarrely, it actually takes longer to design pixelated icons than it does high quality ones," he told Fast Company.

You can download Vessey's clever GUI skin for free from his website.

Ironic Apple throwbacks seem to be growing trend. Design magazine Core77 has reported on a number of Apple nostalgia products, including iPhone cases that resemble old Apple products. Cult of Mac recently found some pretty hilarious mock-ups of what the iPhone's iOS interface would have looked like in the '80s.




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