A nuestros queridos padres,

Today we start celebrating Father's Day by paying homage to our Latino dads, those eternally charming and charismatic men whose devotion to their family knows no limits. These caballeros taught us to face life headstrong, to dream big and work hard for what we want to achieve.

Our fathers taught us some of our most important life lessons. Their chivalrous ways taught us about respect. They encouraged us to humbly live the best life we can imagine for ourselves. Their dichos are forever engraved in our minds, and they've taught us to be better people.

Below, our editors share their fathers' favorite dichos. Tell us about yours!

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  • Santiago Luzardo

    Unlike my mother who loves to talk, my father is a man of few words. He's still ever present in my life despite the the fact that we've been apart for 20 years where we've only seen each other twice. His presence made more palpable by his everlasting will to work and his eternal delight for life. Even though he fights a sickness he's never lost his joy. He never loses his tobacco either. He understood after travelling to different corners of the world, that Cuba is the place where one finds happiness. He was never a man of <em>dichos</em> or phrases but he always said everything without saying a word. His joy of life is contagious, never uttering a complaint, never a bad thought, never a bad life when times were difficult. <em>--Hirania Luzardo Editor for HuffPost Voces Entertainment and Music Sections </em>

  • Roberto Steiner

    My dad always says: "No dejes para mañana lo que puedes hacer hoy" ("Never leave 'till tomorrow what you can do today"). For a long time I always thought this applied solely to work, homework and tedious tasks. But I now realize what he means goes well beyond the obvious. If you like doing something, do it. But do it now. Let intuition guide you, don't overthink stuff, don't delay doing what you want to do. Life is what we make of it, but it's not what we plan to do tomorrow, it's what we set ourselves out to do today. Don't procrastinate living. And to attest to that I have the example of a life led by the greatest man I know (featured above, somewhere in Colombia sometime between 1970 and 1980, holding a flower in his hand, crafting his next big move). <em>--Laura Steiner Intern for HuffPost Latino Voices </em>

  • Miguel Antonio Ferrer

    My dad always told me: "Haz lo que quieras, pero prepárate para las consecuencias también" ("Do whatever you want in life, but be prepared to assume the consequences as well"). - We can be whatever we want in life, including being selfish, sneaky, and manipulative. The choice is one's own. But if one does try to take the easy path, be prepared to face the consequences. For most of my life, I only understood the 'warning' side of this, but in the last few years, as marriage, fatherhood, health and career have all aligned wonderfully, I also understand it to mean that if one pursues life with <em>gusto</em>, is an active member of the communities which matter to you, you can also prepare to enjoy related consequences too. Life really is what you put into it. So put everything into it! (Miguel Ferrer, in Piazza San Marco, Venice, June 1971) <em>-- Miguel Ferrer Managing Editor of Latino Voices, Black Voices and Voce</em>s

  • Zuania Capó-Ramos' Dad

    In between strong, opinionated and long discussions, my dad would always take a break to remind me: "In this life you'll always find that everybody has their own point of view, '¡y que viva la diferencia!' (let's celebrate differences)." That wise advice has helped me grow and develop as a better person and professional, taking into account and enjoying other peoples' feelings and opinions. (Here my dad, my brother and I visiting 'Cavernas del Río Camuy' in Camuy, Puerto Rico, August, 1985). <em>--Zuania Capó-Ramos Editor at HuffPost Voces </em>

  • Jose Rodriguez

    Jose Rodriguez, father of 4, from Peru. My dad is extremely outspoken, yet humble and knows a lot of everything. He helped me learn to read and write Spanish, love books and to always strive for more in life. His favorite dicho: "No hay nada mas importante en esta vida que el saber" <em>-- Cindy Y. Rodriguez Associate Editor at HuffPost Latino Voices </em>

  • Mario Costantini

    As long as I can remember, my dad has always encouraged me to address challenges and situations that scare me head on -- to be fearless, some would say. To this day when I have a difficult task in front of me, he still comforts me with the same words from my favorite Winnie The Pooh book: "Don't be afraid, little Piglet," he says. While this was advice my childhood hero Pooh Bear gave his tiny pot-bellied friend, it still comes to me in moments of stress and anxiety. And then I'm not afraid. <em>--Cristina Costantini Associate Editor at HuffPost Latino Voices </em>

  • Lidio Hernandez

    My dad always asked me: "Cuantas veces te he dicho que llenes el tanque cuando usas mi carro?" ("How many times have I told you to fill up the gas tank after you use my car?") Wise words... <em>--Lee Hernandez Entertainment Editor for HuffPost Latino Voices</em>

  • José Guadalupe Peña

    José Guadalupe Peña is his name, he is my Dad. He taught me to always strive for more in life. At 78 years old, he is an active man who still works as a lawyer. He is an honest person who faced life without a a father and with only the support of an illiterate mother and a younger sister (in the picture with him) and I who always encouraged him to get ahead. He has a lot of favorite 'dichos', but the most representative is: "No por mucho madrugar amanece más temprano" ("Just because you wake up early, it doesn't mean the sun rises earlier"). <em>--Lenka Peña Editor of HuffPost Voces</em>

  • Jorge Alberto Fridmann

    My dad, Jorge Alberto Fridmann, always told me "Todo tiene solución, menos la muerte" ("Everything in life has a solution, except death")... I put this in practice on November 7th, 1997 when he passed away and I understood that in fact everything has a solution, except death. The best lesson, Love You Daddy :) <em>--Mandy Fridmann Entertainment and Music Editor at HuffPost Voces </em>

Happy Fathers Day To All Of The Wonderful Fathers Out There!

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