Father's Day: Lessons We Learned From Dad

06/17/2012 05:02 am ET | Updated Jun 17, 2012

A nuestros queridos padres,

Today we start celebrating Father's Day by paying homage to our Latino dads, those eternally charming and charismatic men whose devotion to their family knows no limits. These caballeros taught us to face life headstrong, to dream big and work hard for what we want to achieve.

Our fathers taught us some of our most important life lessons. Their chivalrous ways taught us about respect. They encouraged us to humbly live the best life we can imagine for ourselves. Their dichos are forever engraved in our minds, and they've taught us to be better people.

Below, our editors share their fathers' favorite dichos. Tell us about yours!

Life Lessons From Our Fathers

Happy Fathers Day To All Of The Wonderful Fathers Out There!

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