At her various red carpet appearances, A-list movie star Zoe Saldana is frequently accompanied by one man—and no, we're not talking about her rumored on-again, off-again boyfriend, Bradley Cooper.

Dagoberto Galan, Zoe's stepfather, is the man who is often seen standing by Zoe's side on la alfombra roja (red carpet), smiling from ear to ear as he watches his daughter talk to a boatload of press. Today, on Father's Day, the part-Dominican, part-Puerto Rican actress tells The Huffington Post exclusively why her step-father has a special place in her heart. "My dad Dagoberto Galan has been a lifesaver to all of us," Zoe says. "His patience, wisdom and sense of humor keeps all the women in my family sane."

Dagoberto Galan
Recibir una tarjeta de Father'sDay de y me rompe el corazon y hace que mis ojos suden. LAS AMO. GRACIAS.

The 33-year-old actress--who has a birth father named Aridio Saldaña--explains why she considers Dagoberto her real dad."There is a reason I don't call him my step father but my dad, because since day one that's what he's been to my sisters and I--a father. He's our kind of crazy beautiful!" she says.

Happy Father's Day, Dagoberto! You raised not only the star of the biggest movie of all time, but also a classy woman!


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