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Strangers Help Retrieve Cash After Older British Man Loses $1,500

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Brad Wakefield, The Sun / NI Syndication

After the horror of the London riots last year, this story will restore your faith in the goodness of Britain's young people.

A grandfather who lost more than $1,500 in cash after the banknotes got blown away by the wind was left dumbstruck when almost all the notes were returned by a group of honest young people, the Daily Mail reports.

Barry Eastwood, a grandfather of 13, had dropped the hefty wad of cash after tripping and falling outside a bank in Manchester, England.

Watching in horror as the 50 banknotes were scattered by the wind, the 54-year-old told the BBC that he assumed he would never see his money again.

"I fell flat on my face and looked up and saw all the money in the air flying about because a big gust of wind had taken it. I thought it had definitely gone," Eastwood said. "I just saw loads of lads jumping up and grabbing the money and I thought, 'I've had it now'."

According to the Daily Mail, Eastwood -- who had withdrawn the money to pay for his car insurance -- could not go after the notes himself because of a heart condition. He is currently recovering from a series of heart attacks and bowel cancer.

“They brought it all back – I couldn’t believe it! They were jumping up and catching the notes," Eastwood told the Manchester Evening News.

"I got back to sit in the car and all these lads were coming up to me with crumpled notes and throwing it in my lap and asking me if I was all right," he said, adding that every note except one was found and returned. "It was an absolute miracle as far as I am concerned –- just amazing."

Eastwood, who said he was "stunned" by the young people's actions, was even handed back his passport and ATM card which he had also dropped.

According to the Manchester Evening News, the incident has restored Eastwood's faith in humanity.

“It was absolutely brilliant. Especially in this day and age the way people are. I would like to say a big thanks to all the people that helped retrieve my money and for their kindness and genuine show of concern," he said.

Correction: An older version of this article said Barry Eastwood was elderly. That has since been changed.

For more on this story, watch ITV's interview with Barry Eastwood here.

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