The women of the world -- ok, some 30,000 British women of the world - -have spoken and have decided the sexiest nationalities around the globe., the bastion of all things sexy and dating which launched to much ado earlier this year, has polled its users on the sexiest nationalities, the Daily Mail reports.

This list should not be confused, however, with the cities with the best looking men nor a poll on the world's sexiest accents. As a group, travelers are, as a poll found last week, sexy and they know it. also asked readers what they deem to be the sexiest locations to visit (a weary Greece won with 40 percent of votes, followed by Spain, Italy, America and Britain).

Check out the sexiest nationalities below. Do you agree?

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  • Least sexy: German 2%

  • Greek 8%

  • American 8%

  • Spaniard 15%

  • French 16%

  • Dutch 18%

  • Sexiest: Italians 33%

  • Dominican Republic

    <a href=""><img style="float:left;padding-right:6px !important;" src="" /></a><a href="">npichardo17</a>:<br />

  • Avery Lea Davis

    <a href=""><img style="float:left;padding-right:6px !important;" src="" /></a><a href="">Avery Villanova</a>:<br />50% French, 50% Mut, 100% AMERICAN!!! XOXO

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