Even before he was the Internet fantasy of women everywhere, or heroically saving the lives of British journalists on the busy streets of New York City, Ryan Gosling apparently already knew he had it going on.

His little smirk at 1:10 in this video is all the proof anyone could need.

According to the clip's info section, Gosling is dancing with his sister Mandi at a Mormon talent show in 1991 -- just two years before he joined the Mickey Mouse Club and began his rise to fame.

While young Gosling is certainly adorable, there's already a glimmer of the fight-stopping, sexy man we all know and love.

On that note, here's a slideshow of his best make out scenes.

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  • Breaker High, 1998

    Back in the day, Gosling played Sean Hanlon on <em>Breaker High</em> and did pretty well with the ladies! Fast forward to 5:17 & 7:58 to see him lock lips with his then girlfriend Tamira Goldstein, played by Rachel Wilson.

  • The Notebook, 2004

    Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling

  • All Good Things, 2010

    Kirsten Dunst & Ryan Gosling

  • Blue Valentine, 2010

    Michelle Williams & Ryan Gosling

  • Drive, 2011

    Carey Mulligan & Ryan Gosling

  • Crazy, Stupid, Love, 2011

    Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling

  • Gangster Squad, 2012

    Watch the trailer of Gosling's latest movie, <em>Gangster Squad</em>, for a <em>quick</em> glimpse of him and Emma Stone making out at 1:49!