06/20/2012 02:25 pm ET | Updated Jun 21, 2012

'32 And Pregnant' Sketch Pokes Fun At MTV's '16 And Pregnant' [VIDEO]

As MTV has shown the world, it's not easy being "16 And Pregnant" -- but 32-year-old moms-to-be have their issues, too. Especially those who live in urban hotspots where it's almost impossible to get an unborn child onto Pre-K waiting lists. Another example of serious hardship: walk-in closets that are just too small.

Although the yuppie protagonists of Punch! Media's spoof face different problems than their MTV-reality-show-star counterparts, a few things remain the same: fighting with opinionated grandmas-to-be, copious amounts of tears, and overly dramatic background music.

Watch the video above and tell us which facts, er, stereotypes, the producers may have missed in the comments!

You can download the Punch! iPad app here.