Azucar Ice Cream's Suzy Batlle On Chat Chow TV (VIDEO)

06/20/2012 03:42 pm ET | Updated Jun 20, 2012

All you really need to know about Miami's Azucar Ice Cream Company is what's in their version of cafe con leche: vanilla ice cream, three shots (!) of espresso, and hot fudge.

Fortunately, the rest is pretty fun, too, including a patented guava and cream cheese flavor. Suzy Batlle founded the artisanal ice cream and sorbet boutique in 2011 in the heart of Little Havana, creating creamy, cold confections "just like abuela used to make."

"I call it homemade Cuban ice cream because I'm Cuban and I make it," Batlle laughs. But the real secret goes way beyond, from the tile flooring, to the Spanish-language t-shirts, to the giant 29-foot ice cream cone that sits outside the store and, most importantly, the ingredients.

Take a peek into Miami's cutest ice cream parlor above to find out how Batlle got stuck on dessert, the unusual path she took to get schooled in ice cream, and what she would put in a flavor called "Fidel."

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