Brazilian Drones: Bolivia Credits Drug Lab Hits On Brazil's Reconnaissance Drones

06/20/2012 05:27 pm ET

LA PAZ, Bolivia -- Bolivia's top anti-drug official is crediting Brazilian reconnaissance drones for a series of recent blows against the cocaine trade.

Felipe Caceres does not provide details about the unmanned aerial vehicles other than to say they are Israeli-made, patrol the border and also enter Bolivian airspace.

Bolivian police say they destroyed more than 240 drug labs early this month in the eastern lowlands state of Santa Cruz, which borders Brazil.

Brazil became an important drug-fighting ally for Bolivia after the latter kicked out U.S. drug agents in 2008.

Bolivia is the world's No. 3 cocaine-producing nation and officials estimate that 92 percent of domestic cocaine production heads to Brazil.

Caceres told The Associated Press in an interview Tuesday that Colombian, Brazilian and Mexican cartels control its export.