The 2012 Daytime Emmys (Sat., June 23 at 8 p.m. ET on HLN) celebrate the best performers, shows and hosts from the daytime TV landscape, and with the ceremony approaching in a few short days, there's no better time to look back at the most memorable daytime TV moments from the past TV season.

This collection of memorable moments covers the full spectrum of emotions. It includes sad farewells (from Regis Philbin and two beloved soaps) heated debates on "The View," hilarious "Ellen" dance pranks, home video footage of Kristen Bell crying over a sloth and much, much more.

Check out our slideshow of the most memorable moments from daytime TV this season and vote for your favorite.

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  • Kristen Bell's Sloth Meltdown, "Ellen"

    Who knew that Kristen Bell ("Veronica Mars") loved sloths so much? Bell's retelling of her crazy encounter with a sloth on her birthday on "Ellen" went viral this year, ensuring that everyone now knows about her obsession.

  • Colin Powell Sings "Call Me Maybe," "CBS This Morning"

    Former Secretary of State Colin Powell and Gayle King provided an unexpected laugh during a commercial break on "CBS This Morning" when the pair sang the chorus of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe."

  • So Long, Soaps

    After 44 seasons and 11,105 episodes, "One Life to Live" came to an end in January. On the final episode of the soap, Clint and Viki, the on-again-off-again king and queen of Llanview were back on, seemingly for good this time after Viki learned Clint is Jessica's biological father. In the final moments of "One Life to Live," Todd and Blair's intimate moment was spoiled by John McBain, who was there to arrest Todd for Victor Lord Jr.'s murder. But, as viewers were shocked to find out, Victor Lord Jr. is alive, being held prisoner by none other than the nefarious Allison Perkins. "All My Children" also said goodbye after 42 seasons on the air with a shocking shooting cliffhanger.

  • Emma Stone Does Dance Dare On "Ellen"

    While actress Emma Stone's victims couldn't see her dancing behind them, we could watch and laugh. Stone followed up on "Ellen's" dance dare, which <a href="" target="_hplink">Ellie Kemper also hilariously took on this year</a>.

  • Obama Corrects Elisabeth Hasselbeck About Gay Marriage

    On July 29, 2010, President Obama made history: He sat down with the ladies of "The View," marking the first time a sitting U.S. president appeared on a daytime talk show. When Obama returned in May in the wake of his statement that same-sex couples should have the right to marry, Hasselbeck criticized him for flip-flopping on the issue, and at one point said he and Mitt Romney now held the same position. <a href=" " target="_hplink">Obama shot her down</a>: "Elisabeth, that's actually not true." Burn.

  • NPH and Kelly Inhale Sulfur Hexafluoride On "Live!"

    Kelly Ripa and Neil Patrick Harris had a different kind of "deep" conversation on "Live! With Kelly" after inhaling Sulfur Hexafluoride, which resulted in them having hilarious temporarily low voices.

  • Sophia Grace And Rosie Make Their Debut

    After a YouTube video of Sophia Grace Brownlee rapping every single word of Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" to perfection (and cousin Rosie McClelland's dance moves) went viral, the adorable Brits were invited on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." During their first visit, DeGeneres had Minaj come out to meet the tiny tutu aficionados (see video here) and the rest is daytime history. The girls have since filmed segments at Disneyland, the Grammy Awards, and the American Music Awards and met everyone from Minaj to Taylor Swift to Katy Perry to Rihanna to Hugh Grant.

  • Whoopi Goldberg Farts on "The View"

    In the middle of a conversation about "Homeland" with Claire Danes, it sounded like Whoopi Goldberg disrupted the interview by letting out a loud fart. "The View" would later blame the sound on a squeaky chair, but many observers still believe she did the crime.

  • Regis Philbin Says Goodbye

    In one of the most emotional TV moments of the year, a misty-eyed Regis Philbin put a triumphant cap on his 30-year career. "I'll always remember spending these great mornings with you," Regis said, before signing off and handing the reigns of "Live!" over to Kelly Ripa.

  • Donald Trump Comes Out As A "Birther" On "The View"

    Donald Trump sent "The View" into a tizzy when he launched his brief publicity stunt presidential campaign by demanding to see President Obama's birth certificate. Several months later, Obama would publicly release the document and put the controversy to bed. The next time Trump appeared on "The View," Joy Behar jokingly presented him with her birth certificate.

  • Ryan Gosling And Al Roker Do Some "Dirty Dancing" Moves

    Ryan Gosling has proven over the past year that he can do almost anything -- from breaking up a New York City street fight to saving a woman from oncoming traffic. But perhaps his most impressive feat was lifting Al Roker over his head, recreating a "Dirty Dancing" move that made a cameo in his film "Crazy, Sexy Love." Ever the jokester, Roker quipped, "Nobody puts Ryan in the corner!"

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