News broke on Wednesday that NBC executives were reportedly planning to replace "Today" co-host Ann Curry, While nothing has been set in stone, the media world immediately started wondering about who might assume the role next to Matt Lauer if Curry were to depart.

NBC has yet to announce any candidates, but we decided to vet some of the potential successors to Curry. Take a look at the possibilities below.

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  • Savannah Guthrie

    The widely acknowledged favorite. It's been clear that NBC suits think very highly of Guthrie -- almost as soon as she moved to "Today," she became a primary fill-in for Curry and was tapped to guest-host "Meet The Press."

  • Natalie Morales

    If Guthrie gets the gig, she'll be leapfrogging over Morales, who's technically higher up in the "Today" hierarchy. (The show's newsreaders often ascend to the top -- see Matt Lauer and Ann Curry for examples.)

  • Hoda Kotb

    Sure, she's known now for living it up with Kathie Lee, but Kotb's got a hard news background, obviously knows how to tackle the fluffy stuff and is witty and quick on her feet. What's not to like? Also, the New York Times reported that she was ready to fill in in case Curry didn't show up for work on Thursday.

  • Tamron Hall

    Hall's been an increasingly frequent face on "Today" recently. If she got the top slot, she'd be the first African-American woman to do so.

  • Jenna Wolfe

    A possible dark horse, perhaps? Wolfe is currently a Sunday co-host on "Today," making it not that huge a leap to the big leagues of weekday.

  • Kate Snow

    Snow was a longtime weekend anchor at "Good Morning America" and is now one of the big players on "Rock Center." She's definitely got the credentials.

  • Bianna Golodryga

    NBC would love to rile up arch-rival ABC right about now. What better way than by stealing one of its rising stars, weekend co-anchor Golodryga?

  • Erica Hill

    Hill is currently ensconced as one of the top anchors on "CBS This Morning," but does anyone doubt she'd jump at the chance if "Today" gave her a call?

  • Sue Simmons

    We're not the first to make this suggestion, but the recently ousted New York legend made her name with the kind of high-low hybrid "Today" is famous for. Plus, she hasn't been shy about wanting a new gig.