06/22/2012 04:29 pm ET

Puppies Cool Off By Standing On Fan (VIDEO)

Forget swimming pools, frozen yogurt and ice-cold lemonade. These two puppies have a different method for keeping cool this summer.

The dogs have jumped atop what appears to be an air conditioning unit for some much-needed fresh air.

We can almost hear them thinking, "Whoaaa! This is almost as good as sticking our heads out the window," as they feel the cool wind whip through their fur.

While the puppies look relatively at peace with their new-found cooling technique, we do hope they're careful of the spinning blades below.

These dogs aren't the only animals that seem to be pros at finding resourceful ways to beat the heat. Just take this sea otter pup who wades through the cool waters, or these playful pooches that dive into a swimming pool.

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