06/24/2012 09:18 am ET Updated Jun 24, 2012

Best Twitpics Of Celebrities Without Makeup (PHOTOS)

Here at HuffPost Style we love keeping track of when our fave celebs grace the covers of magazines. Whether for Vogue, W Magazine or GQ, the covergirls always look AMAZING!

It's no secret why they look so great: Photoshop and airbrushing madness. The thing is, although we know that Kate Upton and Anne Hathaway may not look exactly like they do in magazines as they do in real life, it's always nice to have a reminder.

Enter celebs who Twitpic them selves sans-makeup! Last week Kelly Osbourne Tweeted a pic of herself in pajamas, and we were reminded of the fact that sometimes celebs look just like us!

Here are some more celebs who have Tweeted pics of themselves without the magic of makeup or computers.

Celebrity San-Makeup Twitpics

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