Nation's Restaurant News has recently released its annual Top 100 special report (full content of the report is available to subscribers). Included in the report are details about various restaurant chains, ranging from their size to their sales figures.

One interesting facet of the report is the U.S. sales data from the 10 largest restaurant chains. While Applebee's rakes in $4.43 billion, that seems like nothing compared to McDonald's $34.17 billion.

Check out the top 10 largest restaurants chains (by latest-year sales) according to Nation's Restaurant News below:

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  • 10. Applebee's


  • 9. KFC


  • 8. Pizza Hut


  • 7. Dunkin' Donuts


  • 6. Taco Bell

    $7B <em>Photo by <a href="" target="_hplink">Flickr user: mikebaird</a></em>

  • 5. Wendy's

    $8.11B <em>Photo by <a href="" target="_hplink">Flickr user: phlyingpenguin</a></em>

  • 4. Burger King


  • 3. Starbucks


  • 2. Subway


  • 1. McDonald's