06/27/2012 12:28 pm ET

Japanese Student Chooo-San's Surreal Body Art Is Creepy And Totally Awesome (PHOTOS)

These days we are all a little jaded when it comes to special effects; even the most over-the-top of horror movie gore can't really bring on the goosebumps anymore. But there is something about these body art illusions by Japanese student Chooo-San that really gives us the creeps.

The DIY aesthetic of her photographs mixed with her Surrealist body mutations look like a cross-pollination between a Facebook timeline and Pan's Labyrinth. We found her work on Oddity Central, who reported that Chooo-San began drawing on her hands during study breaks. The doodles blossomed into mind-bending body alterations that look digitally made, although she only uses acrylics. Click through the optical illusions, charming in spite of their grotesque nature.

Chooo San