06/28/2012 03:51 pm ET

CAPS LOCK DAY 2012: The Best TWEETS To Celebrate The Uppercase Alphabet


As if you needed an excuse to write everything in capital letters today, it turns out the July 28 is officially known as CAPS LOCK DAY. However, it's not the only day celebrating this glorious keyboard key.

We uncovered last year that what maybe considered the REAL CAPS LOCK DAY was first celebrated on October 22, 2009. Yet, a second one was instituted on June 28, 2009.

The self-proclaimed homepage of INTERNATIONAL CAPS LOCK DAY proclaims that the June CAPS LOCK DAY was instituted to commemorate the passing of Billy Mays, the pitch man most famous for his elevated tone of voice.

It's also a day well celebrated by the Daily What and the Cheezburger network of blogs, as well as Twitter users around the world.

Check out some all-caps celebrations from Tweeters: