Detroit's Color Problem Is Lack Of Green, Not Lack Of Whites

06/28/2012 10:32 am ET | Updated Aug 28, 2012

Attorney and firebrand Geoffrey Fieger waded full bore into the issues of race this week, raising eyebrows with both an ad that was part commercial/part racism PSA and with comments to radio talk-show host Charlie Langton that Detroit "really has to attract young white people...It can't be a black city."

Fieger also, yet again, dangled the possibility of a mayoral run and slammed purported mayoral candidate Mike Duggan as a "closet Republican" who's probably not the right white person to try and run for the top job in a predominantly black city.

While I can appreciate Fieger's willingness to speak more frankly about race than Duggan--a Livonia transplant who essentially tried to pretend that he didn't even know he was white last time the topic came up--I'm nonetheless curious about this notion that one of Detroit's top priorities should be to get white people to move back and to figure out a way to install a white man in the Manoogian.

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