Hollywood's Biggest Scandals Of The Past Decade (BRACKET)

06/28/2012 04:04 pm ET | Updated Jul 19, 2012

Don't kid yourself -- you check out celebrity news to reassure yourself that no matter how many times you may stumble, you have yet to reach Charlie Sheen's maniacal lows.

Celebrity scandals can make or break a star -- think Chris Brown attacking Rihanna in 2009, or Mel Gibson's 2006 racist rant or Paris Hilton's 2003 sex tape. Though these stars may regret their foot-in-mouth moments, celebrity junkies never forget.

From Arnold Schwarzenegger's mistress and Britney Spears' meltdown to Michael Jackson's trial and Tiger Woods' infidelity, we're counting down the biggest celebrity scandals of the past decade.

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celebrity scandals

Biggest Celebrity Scandals Of The Decade

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